How a dog crate can be used for training

Dog-CrateA puppy comes into a new home that is full of people making a fuss. He has left his mother, brothers and sisters, and he is nervous and will probably have the uncontrollable urge to run to a corner of the room for a wee.

During the first day he has to get used to new owners, a new home, different dog food (which can give him the runs) and learn where he can relieve himself; you can understand why he wants to have a rest and sleep.

It is essential that you allow your new canine friend time during his first day, not waiting until bedtime, to get used to a new dog crate. The dog crate will be his den, his own bit of space to run to when he has had enough of human company.

Place him in the dog crate, ensuring that it has been covered with newspaper (in case of accidents). Over the top of the paper place a puppy rug or an old jumper that smells of you, his new best friend.

Use a verbal command such as ‘basket’ or ‘home’. Tap the side of the dog crate. If he does not respond, as he is unsure what you want from him, push him gently into the dog crate and give him praise for being there. Place with him a soft toy to cuddle up to.

Leave the dog crate door open, if he ventures out repeat the action a couple of times.
It may be that he just falls asleep, remember he or she will require toilet training on awakening so lead him to the spot you have chosen for him to relieve himself.
When a puppy has eaten food, or drunk his fresh water, he will want to go to the same toilet area.

There is bound to be accidents, however you the owner of the puppy must be vigilant and give praise all the time. Do not rub a puppy’s nose into his faeces if he has an accident, if you do he will lose his self-confidence. A puppy is a baby that is trying to please but, at times, he gets it wrong.

It may take a couple of weeks of trial and error but the love and friendship you receive from your pet makes it worth your while.

Top tip for a new puppy: feed your puppy small portions of food four times a day and always have fresh water available day and night.