How and why a pregnant dog needs to be wormed

If you own a female dog you need to extra care of her when she is pregnant, just like a human. Your pet will require extra vitamins, quality dog food and dog worming tablets.

pregnant dog needs wormingRound worms and tapeworms are a common infestation that will be carried with a pregnant dog, and they will be passed to her litter of puppies.

Puppies and dogs of all breeds require worming tablets to stop any unwanted infestations from occurring. These tablets could be given by tablet or powder on the 40th day of the pregnancy.

A vet will have prescription medicines that can also address the problem, such as pyrantel pamoate. This can be administered in a liquid form or by an injection.

Tablets are chewable, but you must be careful – some dogs can be cunning and will spit the tablet out when you turn away.

An effective way to get your dog to swallow the tablet is to crush it in to a piece of meat, or cover it with peanut butter; a pregnant dog is always hungry, and an opportunity to have more food for her and babies will not be passed up.

If your dog still refuses to take tablets, you will need to give her the medication in liquid form. Usually, one teaspoon per ten pounds of your dog’s weight is enough. A dog will love licking the syrup off a spoon, mistakenly thinking it’s food.

However, a pregnant dog that is stubborn may require a syringe being inserted by a vet into her mouth, so the liquid is slowly squirted into her mouth.

Don’t forget that when the litter of puppies arrive, your pet will require worming, usually two weeks after whelping. Ask your vet for more information.