How can you tell if your dog is ill?

Certain signs should not be ignored and could mean that your dog needs to go to your vet without delay. Symptoms to watch out for can include:

  • Visible wounds that won’t stop bleeding
  • Fitting or loss of consciousness
  • Unable to move
  • Trouble standing or getting up
  • Rise or drop in body temperature

Short term lack of interest in food could just be a tummy upset, has the dog eaten anything suspicious lately? A change of routine can causes stress in some dogs or puppies resulting in temporary loss of appetite. Dogs, just like humans, can go some time without food but not without water, if they are not drinking than he or she should be taken to the vet.

Dogs are much more easily sick than us, so the dog may have been sick just to get rid of something but prolonged or frequent bouts of sickness should be addressed by the vet.

If your dog cries when he or she is being stroked or picked up it see if you can work out what is causing the problem, it could be that a fall or bump has caused temporary soreness, in older dogs it may be the onset of rheumatism in which case the vet will certainly be able to over help and advice to manage the condition.

If only they could talk, they could say if they were not feeling well or were just having an “off” day but if you have had your dog for some time you will notice any change in body language.

Remember, your vet is the only person qualified to offer competent advice.