How much is the doggy in the window??

A multi-millionaire, Kenny Lai, has invested in a number of Tibetan mastiffs which are the most expensive dog breed in the world. He bought a £3.2 million collection of dogs three years ago and has now bred his collection so it is now worth around £8 million.

He is breeding the dogs after their numbers dwindled after the Yushu earthquake last year, which is believed to have wiped almost 90% of the breed. Following this event, Lai wanted to make sure that the breed did not die out and explained:

“We practically scoured the world in search of the best possible 100 per cent pure breed Tibetan Mastiffs, in order to kick start this plan.”

“This eventually resulted in the procurement of nine of these magnificent animals, valued at approximately £3.2 million.”

“Over the last three years or so, we faced much trials and tribulations in raising, feeding, grooming, caring and in the overall maintenance of these dogs.”

“It was a tough learning curve for the group but this has led to an in-depth understanding of the behaviours and challenges faced, in nurturing this species.”

“We now pride ourselves as having the largest number of 100 per cent pure breed Tibetan Mastiffs anywhere in the world.”

“Based on the latest market value paid, our 30 furry friends are now valued at well over £8 million.”

It is thought that there are only around 300 Tibetan mastiffs in the UK. There has however been a huge increase in demand for these dogs with a Chinese man spending £945,000 on an 11 month old mastiff in March.

Caroline Kisko Kennel Club’s communication directos said:

“Tibetan Mastiffs can make great family pets with their calm and patient yet protective nature and it’s great to see them being viewed so favourably.”