How often should a dog be groomed

Both small and large breeds of dogs need regular grooming to keep them healthy. When choosing a dog as a pet it is important to keep his grooming requirements in mind.

Regular grooming keeps a dog’s coat in good condition and stops fleas from settling and keeps bacteria at bay.  A dog’s coat will shine when it is groomed on a regular basis.

Some dogs have a dry skin which will show in the form of tiny flakes on their back and a change of shampoo may be necessary. Contact your local vet if the condition persists.

We humans like to be pampered and we feel great when we have had a bath or our hair cut. It is the same with dogs. However it is tempting for many of them to roll in grass or mud just after you have bathed them.

If you have a medium haired dog then a good brushing once a day will suffice. Long haired dogs require bathing regularly and coats combed through every day.  Short haired dog’s coats can be brushed gently every other day.

Dog grooming parlours are available for dogs that have fur which needs trimming every six to eight weeks.