How safe is a puppy in the garden?

Once your new puppy has had all the pet vaccinations, you will want them to run and play out in your garden. However, have you checked if the garden area is safe for your new dog?

A garden that has been treated with slug pellets or weed killer can be a danger for a puppy and, in some cases, can be fatal. If you think your puppy has eaten something that is harmful, quickly take them to the vets.

An established garden can have dangers lurking from some of its more common plants. Watch out for a puppy digging up a bulb and chewing it; stop them immediately as they could be poisoned.

bulldog-puppyDangerous toxicity for your puppy can be found in sweet peas, poppies, foxgloves and other plants, including the popular chrysanthemum, rhubarb, primrose and ivy.

Health and safety issues for your puppy while he plays in a garden will include the removal of any tools with sharp blades or points that could injure your dog’s paws.

Also remember, no mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges while a puppy is about!

Close off a water feature or pond until you have at least established a puppy training routine and your pet will obey your commands. However, just like a human baby, a puppy can drown or injure themselves in shallow water too.

Last but not least, check your fencing before you allow your puppy to play out. It only takes a couple of seconds for your puppy to stray and be involved in a fatal car accident.