How to bring up a puppy

You have brought this high level energetic bundle of fun home and within a couple of hours he or she is starting to settle in and is in charge of any adults or children in the family home.

One thing to remember, what you let them get away with now they will think they can get away in the future. Ignoring the rules just because your puppy is cute can be a disaster.

When you decided to buy a puppy you will have decided where he’ll sleep, bought a dog bed, a dog collar and lead and dog food.  You are in charge of the house bills and the general running of the home so you should be in charge of this new puppy.

Not setting rules for your puppy now will mean your puppy will be confused when you are annoyed at him later for things you let him get away with just because it was cute at first. Your friends will start making excuses and avoid coming round to the house and it will be due to a lack of discipline.

You have to give time and patience to your new puppy but the rewards are worth it. All family members should be working together using the same rules so make sure your partner or children do the same as you.  Take your puppy to puppy training classes, socialise him and teach him right from wrong and you will have a well behaved dog as he grows older that will give you pleasure for years to come.


  • i would like to know how to bring up a 30 day old pup from day one … Kindly let me know in detail as i would like to take it to dog show, so what should be the right way to proceed.

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