How to care for a new puppy

If you have chosen a new puppy or dog from a reputable dog breeder or a dog shelter then you will have great fun getting to know all of the wonderful characteristics and personality of your new friend.

A puppy that has been purchased from a dog breeder will require his vaccinations before you take him for walk; essential vaccination programmes are carried out by a local vet. However, if you have collected a puppy or dog from a rescue centre he or she will have had any relevant vaccinations, as well as an up to date health check.


Information about the correct diet for your new dog is essential; ask the breeder when you buy the puppy what type of puppy food has been given your new pal; dog rescue centres will have all the information to hand at the time of arrival to pick up your new pet.

Both parties will agree that the best food you can give to a puppy or dog is the dog food brands which are full of quality balanced ingredients, good meats and fats, a variety of vitamins and not too much water or salt.

Just like newborn human babies, puppies are vulnerable in the first few months of their lives; bones and muscles need good food to help them grow strong.

Small portions of food, fed four times a day at the same times during the day, is ideal for your dog. A routine is good for a puppy.

It is important to remember that a puppy has a small stomach, and overfeeding will upset his sensitive digestive system, causing him to be in distress.


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