How to care for overweight dogs

fat-dogThe main cause of a dog becoming overweight is usually due to family and friends giving a dog too many extra treats to show how much they love their pet. However, giving your dog large portions of food at mealtimes and allowing him to consume a few extra treats will in fact do him more harm than good and will be a major contributor to weight gain, and poor health.

A dog that can hardly walk due to excess poundage is likely to feel discomfort. It will also place his major organs under considerable strain. The end result is a dog that is more likely to lead a shorter life than originally expected for that particular breed.

Some breeds of dogs are likely to put on weight easily. For instance, Cairn terriers, Cavalier King Charles, Labradors and popular working breeds such as the Shetland sheep dogs find it all too easy to gain weight. The age that a dog becomes more vulnerable and is likely to put on weight quickly is 6 to12 years, and dogs that have been spayed or neutered.

Recognising the weight issue with your pet and reducing his portions of dog food and treats while making sure he has regular walks will soon set him back on the road to leading a happy and healthy life.

A dog is like a human being, by eating those extra calories he will accumulate and store away any excess as fat. Usually this roll of fat accumulates around the middle of both a human’s and a dog’s body.

A dog that is not leading an active life will hold on to his fatty tissue while being more at risk of being ill.