How to choose a dog coat for your dog

dog coatWhen the cold and wet weather is on its way, a dog can benefit from wearing a dog coat to keep him warm and dry. A dog that loves to run around in a park, diving through bushes and rolling about on the grass, will be glad you purchased a quality dog coat which will save him from getting cuts and scratches.

It is worth paying a little more for a dog coat that is going to stand up to wear and tear for many years to come, but obviously a puppy will require more than one new dog coat until he reaches adulthood.

Here are some top tips when purchasing a dog coat for either a puppy or a dog:

Measure from the base of your dog’s neck to the start of his tail, if your pet is a new puppy try leaving a little room for quick growth. If you are unsure of the correct fitting, move up a size, a dog will feel more comfortable in dog coat that is not too tight.

It is essential that a dog keeps warm and dry; if possible choose a coat that is waterproof. Check for practical features; make sure the coat allows a dog to relieve himself without making a mess. Dog coats which have removable linings are great; when the weather improves the lining can be removed and replaced again on colder days.

If you and your dog are out in dark weather, light reflecting strips of material can be added to his dog coat for extra safety. It is important to mention that some breed of dogs do not like a coat with a hood, it reminds them of the days in the wild. A leader of a pack would assert himself over the bodies of other dogs to maintain control.