How to choose a healthy puppy

If you have never had a puppy before it can be difficult to know what to look for when you see a litter of pups.

All puppies look longingly at you and they are bundles of mischief and fun, so how do you choose a healthy one?

  • To help you to check if they are healthy have a good feel of the pup’s body. Check if the puppies are plump, without their stomach being swollen.
  • Their skin should be loose and moveable. Underneath there should be a layer of healthy fat, not showing any signs of bones protruding through their coat.
  • The puppy’s coat should be shiny, unless the breed is a terrier or is known to have a wiry coat.
  • Run your hand across the fur in an upwards direction to check for fleas or lice.
  • Check their eyes as they should be bright without any trace of discharge. The pups should be full of energy and be able to run or do their puppy ‘bounce’. The puppy ‘bounce’ shows they are full of energy.

Note: Responsible breeders will ask you a lot of questions to see if you are a suitable owner for their pups and will ask you to keep contact for the first few months by sending pictures. This way they can see if the puppies are doing well in their new environment.