How to choose the correct dog for your lifestyle

busy man with dogThere are so many different breeds of dog, and all of them could make a welcome addition to the home.

Each breed has a wide range of characteristics and temperament; as such, some breeds require more attention from owners than others.

First, examine your lifestyle; think about the time you have free to spend with them, and if you have other family members, would they be old enough to take over some of the daily schedule?

A dog requires immediate attention, especially if you purchase a new puppy. He or she will require grooming, feeding and taking for a daily walk, and in some cases the larger breed of dog will want more than one walk a day.

The initial outlay of dog collar, dog lead and dog bowl with the correct size of dog bed can easily be accommodated.

However, the cost of dog food and the important yearly charges of vaccinations have to be considered when setting out a budget.

Consider the temperament of a dog; if you have small children, you will want a pet that will be patient around them and will not get jealous.

House training can become an issue of you have a young family, and a puppy will need a lot of patience and time devoted to training him to relieve himself in the garden; pups need some time to achieve control over their bodily functions.

An adult dog is easier to handle and they are quick to mould themselves to a daily routine, but it is best to check out the history of the dog, especially if purchased from a centre for abandoned dogs, to make sure that he fits in with your lifestyle.