How to choose the correct dog kennel for your dog

Dog kennels are popular with many dog owners.  If you have decide your dog is going to be outside during the day while you are at work you will need to choose a dog kennel which will keep him or her safe and comfortable, but you might also want a dog kennel for occasional use or just for when you or the family are out in the garden so your dog has somewhere to call his own.

The actual size of the dog kennel will depend on the breed of your dog.  The larger the breed of dog the larger the dog kennel will need to be.

It is essential you choose the correct size of dog kennel as your dog will require a dog kennel which allows him plenty of room to fully stretch out and sleep in comfort while you are at work.

While you are choosing your dog kennel it is important to check it is waterproof and it will keep your dog nice and warm in cold and wet weather during the winter months.

Most dog kennels are made from wood and should be placed in a shady area in your garden or back yard.  If you choose to re-stain a dog kennel, be sure to follow instructions to use a safe substance for your dog.

Dogs love to have a dog kennel where they can retreat to when they need their own space. Place a few waterproof toys inside the dog kennel.  Dog kennels should not be considered a replacement for daily exercise.