How to clean your puppy’s ears and teeth

When you clean your teeth and ears, you feel better and so it is natural your puppy will feel better if you have done the same for him. You are in charge of his beauty routine and you need to be considerate to his needs.

Cleaning your puppies ears:

Buy a bag of cotton wool balls and a bottle of witch hazel.

Take one of the cotton wool balls and wet it and wring it out ready. Have your puppy on your lap and distract him with a small treat.

Note: Do not use cotton buds.

Lift up one of his ears and gently wipe the creases. Pat dry and then do the same to the other ear.  Use more than one cotton wool ball if the ear is very dirty.

Cleaning your puppies teeth:

Use a child’s toothbrush or buy one from your local veterinary. It is advisable to buy toothpaste specially designed for dogs.  Do not use ordinary toothpaste as they can have ingredients in them which may be upset your puppy.

Play with your puppy so to distract him and place him on your lap.  If this is your first time and you are nervous, it is important the puppy doesn’t pick up on this. Talk to him while opening his lips and be gentle. If he does not like it let him play with you and then start again.

Put a little toothpaste on the brush. Rub the toothbrush on the outside of his teeth and if he tries to eat the toothbrush then stop.

Try again until he is used to your actions and gently clean his teeth.  Cleaning your puppy’s teeth takes some practice so don’t worry if you don’t manage it the first few times.