How to clip your dog’s nails

Part of your dog’s regular grooming should involve trimming and clipping their nails, this should be done routinely, as long nails in your dog or puppy can cause further problems in the future.

Dog’s nails can grow continuously if they are not trimmed and this should be done every few weeks to maintain them.

Not only can a dog scratch you with their long nails, but they can also get them stuck in the carpet, which will cause them to snag and possibly even leave your dog bleeding and in pain.

If a dog’s nails are not clipped periodically, then the vein in the nail will become longer, which will then result in the claw not being cut to the correct length.

A lot of dog owners can learn to cut and clip their dog’s nails themselves. To do this you will need a nail trimmer; there are many different models available from good pet shops, but it is important that you use a good quality clipper. It is always a good idea to purchase a cauterising powder, as this will stop any possible bleeding if you were to accidentally cut the nail too short.

The nail must only be clipped to the vein and no further. You can easily see the blood vessel in the nail if your dog’s claws are clear. If your dog has clear and black nails, then you can use the clear ones as a guide of how far to cut.

If you are unsure or nervous about cutting your dog’s nails, then there are plenty of dog groomers available to do this for you.