How to cope with your dog when moving house

Moving house can be very a stressful time for most of us, and even more stressful for our dogs. The different sounds, unfamiliar sights and smells associated with a new house can upset them. It can take a few weeks for your pet to settle in to their new surroundings.

Here are a few preparations you should take for the move to ensure that dog adjusts quickly:

  1. Make sure your new house is the one for your dog. In rented accommodation, landlords can be fussy so check the rules before the agreement is made.
  2. Moving from a rural environment where you’re in the quiet countryside to a home in the city where noise is a common factor can a complete contrast and can come as a shock to their system.
  3. Do not be surprised if your dog’s behaviour changes or there are ‘puddles’ in your new home. Walk your dog around the house and garden to give them a feeling of security.
  4. If you are moving abroad there are health checks, vaccinations and transport arrangements to sort out.
  5. Consider micro-chipping your pet in case they get lost. The chances are if your dog does get lost that they’ll look for their former home, not your new one!

Once the arrangements are made and you start packing, your dog will recognise there is something different happening to the normal routine and will become a little nervous. If your dog can be placed in a dog kennel to board while you move it can help, if not place your dog in a spare room until finished.

Do remember to add your dog’s bed, bowls and favourite toys to give them a feeling of security.