How to dry bath a dog

Although you bathe your puppy or dog at regular intervals it can be convenient at times for your dog to have a dry bath.

Dry baths are not as effective as wet baths. If you have a puppy that is ill or if you need to stop your dog from becoming stressed, they are an alternative remedy.

One of the home remedies used for a dry bath is a mix of cornstarch and baby powder but this can be messy.  There are products in the market that you can purchase. There is a choice of a commercially dried shampoos or mousse.

Summary of a routine for dry bathing your dog:

•    Brush and comb your dog or puppy’s fur

•    When you are dry bathing your dog you may find bits of foreign matter in his or her fur. Try moistening his fur with a mineral oil and comb the matter out

•    Dry bath your dog using a commercial dry shampoo or mousse

•    Gently brush and comb the dog’s fur again

•    Take a cotton bud and gently wipe the outer ear canal and inner ear flap

•    Check his eyes are bright and clear of any infection. If there is a problem or you are unsure, then contact your local vet for further advice

Being able to use a dry bath on occasion is particularly useful when a dog is ill or you have less time than usual.