How to easily remove clots of matted dog fur

There are many breeds of dog with both long and short fur that can suffer from dirt attaching itself to the coat, with removal can be painful for a pet.

matted-fur-dogIf you are an owner of a dog that has a coat of long hair it can be frustrating; after taking him or her out for a daily walk you come home to discover clumps of matted hair caused by mud or dirt.

Taking your pet to a professional dog groomer can be expensive, although it can be sometimes necessary if the matted fur is too near a dog’s skin tissue. However, the problem can be made easier by following a few rules:

Brush the dog gently; always try to work with a dog brush as it helps to prevent further problems with matting.

If your dog’s coat has a few larger tangles, then use a fine toothed dog comb, gently ‘push’ the dog combs teeth into the middle of the mass ad pull it towards you.

Do not attempt to just comb it out as you would with your own head of hair as it will make it worse.

When you have brought the dog comb towards you, take a pair of dog scissors and snip the large mass into two pieces, mind your dog’s skin.

Small bits of mass can then be combed out in the normal manner.

Sometimes two pairs of hands are better than one. A family member can help to keep a dog calm by talking to him and keeping a firm hold so there is no unexpected movement.

It is always best to use the correct dog accessories when looking after any puppy or dog; in this instance a dog brush, dog comb and dog’s scissors is ideal.