How to ensure your puppy is eating the correct pet food

One of the worries that owners of a new puppy have is whether or not they are feeding their new puppy high quality puppy food, and if the portions are correct.

When you pick up your puppy from a reputable breeder, they will be able to assist you by giving you a fact sheet about the general care of the breed, along with enough puppy food to last a couple of meals until you are able to purchase the same brand.

To prepare for your puppy’s arrival you can also visit a local vet for advice, and to book your puppy’s first vaccination. Sometimes there are healthcare worries, with new dog owners panicking about everything. Trust your vet’s knowledge and look forward to having a faithful companion who will be with you for a long time.

If you visit a pet store, the staff are trained in animal healthcare and are able to assist you with choosing the correct pet food, dog basket, dog collar and dog lead.

An essential pet diet has to be full of food that is balanced, quality proteins, carbohydrates, low in fat and salt, with plenty of vitamins and minerals to aid their growth. Portion sizing for a puppy is similar to a human on a diet, give small portions 3 or 4 times a day, making sure there is fresh water available for your puppy.

You should however watch out for giving them too many treats when you are training, as they count as food. Adult dog owners are responsible for their pet’s grooming, their fun time, their doggie training, meals and of course giving them cuddles and plenty of praise.

Do not give your puppy milk or chocolate unless the chocolate is manufactured specially for a dog, too much can give him diarrhoea.