How to find stud dogs in the UK

puppies-brown-white-on-blanketThe first step toward locating premium stud dogs is to know the reputation of their dog breeder.

When choosing the right stud dogs for dog breeding, one of the first priorities is to make sure the breeder chosen is official and reputable and whose primary concerns are with raising their stud dogs to be in the best health, with happy and calm temperaments.

Local veterinary practices prove good places to start enquiries for reputable dog breeders because local vets will be treating stud dogs and puppies regularly, as well as meeting their breeders. A vet will know if the dog breeder has the necessary dedication required to ensure their stud dogs are in the best health and have gentle temperaments.

The behaviour and temperament of stud dogs is testimony not only to their genetics, but also to the breeder’s ability at rearing and caring for them. The best stud dogs are those with both aforementioned attributes because the health and temperament of stud dogs directly impacts on the puppies your dog will have.

A good dog breeder will be one dedicated to dog breeding because they love dogs, not just the profit they can make from them. Choosing a dog breeder without the dedication required for dog breeding could result in your puppies being prone to illnesses and unpredictable behaviour.

Once a reputable breeder has been chosen, it will require a visit to observe their stud dogs, their environment, diet and overall health along with the general temperament of the potential stud dogs.

Avoid profit-motivated dog breeders; they often avoid the critical aspects of dog breeding protocol, which is vital to ensure the optimal health and temperament required in good stud dogs.