How to get rid of dog fleas

dog_scratching_fleasThe obvious way to recognise the symptoms of fleas is when your puppy or dog is scratching themselves relentlessly; in some cases tearing at their skin until the fur comes away.

Pet owners who need to resolve a flea infestation, both on their dog and in their home, can attack the problem by following some of these tops tips.

First of all you should find out if it is your dog or his dog bed that is infested with fleas. One possible cause of a constant flea problem is that you may have vacuumed up some fleas and they are being recycled back into your home every time you use your vacuum.

Wash out the container of a ‘bagless’ vacuum, or remove an old vacuum bag, before replacing all the doggie blankets. Try sprinkling a handful of Cedar chips in your vacuum bags to keep fleas at bay.

Wooden floors can be sprayed with a flea treatment that is manufactured for all types of floors.

Wash out the dog bed or, if your dog bed is non washable, a new dog bed is the best way to ensure you have got rid of all the fleas.

Leave a white plate full of water on the floor with a table lamp that has been left on overnight, the aim is to encourage the fleas to run onto the plate so they will drown.

Bath your poor doggie in WARM water and use a flea shampoo, leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse well.

Take a small amount of glycerine, warm it up in your hands, and apply to your puppy or dog’s fur, this will help to sooth any sores. When finished, rinse off and dry your pet with new towels.

To prevent further flea infestations use one of the many small mesh laundry bags and fill one with cedar chips. Humans love the smell, but fleas do not.

Place a bag of cedar chips under your dog bedding, in cupboards and spread some in the garden area near where your children play.

If you follow all of these measures, you should win your war against dog fleas in your home.