How to get rid of the fleas from your home

If you have a puppy or dog that had fleas and you have treated him for fleas then the next positive action is to start getting rid of the fleas in your home.  This must be the same day you have got rid of your puppy’s fleas.

The lifecycle of a flea means that five percent of the fleas were alive on your puppy but the other ninety five percent are still living in the dog bed, carpet and even outside in your yard.

The eggs turn into larvae which has legs to run around on. The larva then spins a cocoon into a pupa which becomes an adult flea.  Here are the steps to get rid of fleas from your home:

Stage one: You will need a vacuum cleaner to clean up the majority of the eggs so make sure you vacuum carpets, and settees or anywhere your puppy has been. Vacuum wooden floorboards and underneath your furniture.

Stage two: Wash the dog or puppy’s bedding and soft toys.

Stage three: You will need an insecticide that has an ingredient in it called IGT (Insect Growth Regulator).  This ingredient stops the eggs developing. However you will need to spray everywhere to stop the flea infestation from jumping back onto your animals.

Once a puppy is eight weeks or older, there are a variety of flea control products such as Frontline which are safe for both humans and pets.


  • Wish I had seen this article before I read your other one and commented! Your suggestions are good non-toxic alternatives.

    In addition to vacuuming it is also a good idea to dust, sweep, and mop. FleabustersRX is a good additive for inside the house.

    You’ll also have to make sure that the exterior areas are also treated (parasitic nematodes help) and then follow up and ALL treatments every 3 to 6 weeks to keep fleas at bay–otherwise you will see those little suckers come back!

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