How to give a puppy a bath

Once you have a new puppy it is essential you get him or her into a bathing routine.

Depending on how large your dog is and how many times it is going to get dirty, bathing time should be two or three times a year. However some dogs which have long hair require a shampoo and cut every six to eight weeks.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner which suits your puppy, which will depend on the coat of your dog. It is important you use a shampoo that is suitable for dogs, and not your own.

Place a rubber mat or thick towel in the bottom of the bath so the puppy feels secure and place cotton wool gently in the ears so they do not cause them too have earache.


Brush your puppy gently to help him realise you are not going to hurt him.

Run warm water over the puppy’s coat until soaked and apply a small amount of shampoo and work it into the skin. Avoid the eyes and ears.

Keep the puppy’s head up and let the warm, but not hot, rinsing water run down their back away from their eyes and ears.

Do not spray water into their face.

If you wear a special pet rubber glove it will clean the coat and leave the skin smelling fresh.

Dry your puppy with a towel or a warm spray of air from a hairdryer.

Remove cotton wool and be ready for a trip to the puppy toilet.

Note: do not leave your puppy outside for along time as they may catch a chill.