How to groom your dog

When you groom your dog it is necessary to have the correct grooming tools for the size of your dog.

Listed below are some of the tools required for different sizes of dogs:

  • Long haired dogs require one porcupine brush, a combi-slicker and a matt splatter
  • Medium haired dogs require a nylon brush, shredding blade and a rubber grooming glove
  • Curly or wire haired breeds need a double sided brush or slicker, a straight back comb and a stripping knife

Method of combing:

Start the grooming with the comb at the neck in the direction of the fur. Take small sections at a time. However if matted up try a dematting comb or trim with scissors.

Slickers and rakes can remove loose or dead hair and shedding blades or stripping knives are good for trimming thick coats.

There are some fine combs which are suitable in finding fleas and their eggs.


Start at the neck area. Regular brushing will help the oils in the skin to bring up a natural shine. The harder brushes are for dogs with long hair.

Hand grooming:

Gloves are great for dogs that do not like being roomed. They will stimulate the skin and at the same time remove loose hair. However they have to be groomed using a comb and a brush as previously mentioned.