How to handle attention seeking dogs

Tips for attention seeking dogs are important to follow. If you have bought a puppy and expect to have a bond with your new pet that is great. However in some cases your pet wants your attention all the time to give him a feeling of security.

Starting to train your puppy is an important step in bonding. It can take time to see that your pet is focused on the training and listening to your voice commands.

Once you feel you have achieved this then move on to the next step.

Your puppy is a worrier, he has recently left his mum and worries when there is no one around to give him the same reassurance he had when with his brothers and sisters.

Start to vary your routine before you go out and then your puppy will not be waiting at the door hoping you are taking him with you.

The first thing he will be worrying about is that you are leaving and not returning.

Try a new routine such as wearing a different coat or go out the front door and then come in the back door. Pick up your keys and then leave them again.

Tip: Go out and do not make a fuss of your pet, in fact ignore him. When you come in only greet him when he has stopped jumping up and down. Then praise him.

If your dog barks, go upstairs and ignore him. Do not come down until he has stopped barking.


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