How to house train your puppy

Newspaper Routine:

To start your puppy on his training routine you need to place some newspaper near his basket. Also place some near the back door, unless your door is near the garden and easy to keep opening at the puppy’s beck and call.

When your puppy wakes up, or has eaten his meals, place him on the newspaper immediately and say ‘paper’ so that your command is recognised.

Be patient and give praise but do not rub is nose in it when he gets it wrong as he will lose confidence.

If your puppy keeps missing the paper, move the paper until he recognises his smell and will look for the paper.

There are over the counter products to help with puppy ‘mistakes’.

If you are out for the whole day don’t take chances, leave him in the kitchen with plenty of water and toys to keep him occupied.

When he is older he will have more control of his bladder so you can let him out into the garden more often. However he will still need paper on the floor overnight.


A one word syllable is all that is needed to start your dog recognising commands.

At this stage in his life he will want to learn. Simple commands such as ‘basket’ or ‘out’ or ‘toy’ will make him happy as he receives your praise.

Use his name so he will know who he is. Be careful not to let him out on his own as it will take time for him to recognise his name so he can come to you when called and he may be in danger from traffic.