How to increase a picky dog’s appetite

dogeatingIf you have anew puppy or a dog that is a picky eater you should not have too much to worry about if your veterinary surgeon is happy with his weight.

Once your vet has established there is no medical reason for him picking at his food then there are ways you can entice him to eat more.

The portion of food that your dog should be eating will depend on his breed and age.  Manufacturers of both wet and dry dog food give guidelines on their products about the quality of their ingredients and the amount that should be fed to a dog on a daily basis.

Try to increase your dog’s appetite by using one or two ideas from the following list:

•    Cut down on his treats (they are considered as food)

•    Warm his food slightly as sometimes it can be too cold

•    Make sure the main ingredient in your pet food is meat or add a little chicken or turkey to the meal – be sure to place it on top of biscuits and not mix it in or your dog may end up over-eating

•    Dry food can be moistened with a little warm water or try covering your dry food with chicken stock

Add some bits of fresh food like chicken, liver or kidneys and then reduce the amount and give occasionally.

Whatever method you try make notes in a pet food diary and make sure your dog has fresh water available at all times.

Always ensure your dog has enough exercise to bring a balance to the amount of food he is consuming.