How to keep your dog healthy with natural health care

Dog owners are increasingly showing an interest in keeping their dog healthy by using herbal products. Natural health care is available for all breeds of dog.

To keep your dog healthy you will need to give him or her a balanced diet which includes portions of wholegrain, meat, vegetables and fruit.

It is worthwhile keeping a food diary for your pet. This will establish you are feeding the correct amounts of food according to the breed and size of dog you have as a pet.

Making an effort will help to keep your dogs digestive system in good order. The joints of your dog will be supple and their coat will glow. Any toxins that build up in your dog’s body will be eliminated to allow more freedom movement.

Aromatherapy oils are playing a large part in contributing to a dog’s healthy life. Aromatherapy essential oils are widely available and can be used in the following ways as a home remedy:

– Lavender is good for sleep patterns
– Oats can be used to relieve an itchy skin
– Calendula is good for wounds
– Flaxseed mixed with lots of water will help with bowel problems


  • What an interesting and helpful article by Vivien, natural health and remedies are so much better than artificial ones!

    We had a lot of trouble with bladder stones with our Hannah (a Cairn terrier), including an instances of acute retention which could have killed her, but a change of diet to a bland and natural one seem to solve the problem on a life long basis. Most vets seem to favour a change of diet.

    For a description of Hannah’s problems and details of a successful diet please see –

    If the link does not work then just copy and paste the address into the http:// address bar at the top of your screen.

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