How to massage your puppy

Massaging your puppy is beneficial for both of you as you will get to know your puppy’s body and he will feel calmer.

Start to massage around his neck, feeling all the time for any lumps or bumps. Work your hands down his shoulders, the chest, down the front legs to the paws and check each paw. Do not forget the back legs and paws.

Once your puppy recognises the massage makes him feel good and relaxes him, he will look forward to his therapy every day.

A simple summary:

•    Brush, comb and bathe your puppy

•    Trim toenails, clean ears and brush teeth regularly.  A clean mouth is less likely to be attracting disease. Do not probe in to the inner ears when cleaning them.

•    A daily massage keeps you aware of your puppy’s health

•    Makes grooming pleasurable. Be patient and give him lots of praise

Tip: A groomer will be able to give advice and help you with any problems with grooming and sometimes know a little about puppy massage too.

Note:  Do not try everything at once as your puppy will become restless. As he gets older, he will have more patience and you can them combine the massage with his daily grooming and care routine all at once.