How to prepare for a new puppy

When a puppy moves in with a family it is the time that a puppy most needs reassurance, yet at the same time they have to understand what is expected of them, and be taught to recognise what are good and bad habits.

Educating your puppy can be fun. Any dog training exercises that are fun will help a puppy to remember them too, whereas smacking or telling off a puppy will only make him worry.

There are many products on in the market to make dog training, and life with a dog in general, a lot easier than it was. Today there are some essential things that are needed for dog training, such as:

A dog crate: This is ideal for teaching a puppy that he has a place to call his own when he needs to get away from humans. Also good for keeping a puppy safe when travelling in the back of a car.

dog crate

A Konga toy: These can be purchased as a training toy and can be stuffed with treats to keep a puppy happy while his family are out at work.

Dental Care: A Puppy should have his teeth cleaned regularly. Special dental toothpaste and tooth brushes can be obtained form pet shops and vets. Other products that help with tooth decay are dental chews and nylabones.

It’s important to note that a young puppy should not be chewing pigs’ ears or any rawhide products; it could result in an upset stomach. These are for older dogs. When purchasing dry or wet food, check the labels for quality ingredients. Fresh water should be available for your puppy at all times.

One of the new ways of toilet training a puppy is with puppy pads that can be placed near a door. These can be used before you allow a puppy to go outside, after they have had all the necessary vaccinations.