How to prepare to adopt a puppy or adult dog

Well done, you have now decided to look to adding to your family by adopting a puppy or an adult dog. This is a time for preparation, and the first important task is to choose the breed of dog. Taking into account his size and temperament is important, as he has to fit into your lifestyle.

This decision is one of the most important decisions in your life; however it is important that your partner and your family all agree to look after a pet and follow the same feeding and dog training routines.

It may be you have lost a well loved canine friend and you want to replace him, or your best friend has purchased a dog; whatever the reason, choosing a puppy or dog is an exciting time.

If a child is pestering you for a dog, you will probably have to be in charge of his healthcare. Very young children tend to think of a dog as a plaything, which is quite understandable. A first time owner of a puppy will need to be prepared to have a few sleepless nights. Just like a baby, your puppy will mean you have to work hard to help him fit into a routine, while remembering he is in need of your time, love and patience.

If you have adopted a puppy you will have to take your pet to the vets for his injections, sort out a quality pet diet with relevant daily exercise, have time to train him and make arrangements for a pet insurance policy in case of a serious illness.

When he has grown a little, life gets easier as he becomes a ‘toddler’, then an adolescent, before finally reaching his senior time in life. Many dogs can live for up to 15years.

The rewards are immense, there is nothing like coming home from work to be greeted by a warm-hearted loving animal that gives you the same unconditional love every day, and is happy to be a part of you and your family’s life.