How to recognise the symptoms of mites in a dog

dog-sneezeWhen there is a new puppy in a home, it is important to ensure he has the best healthcare, which includes seeing that he is well fed, has enough water and taking him for a walk. However, sometimes a symptom of an infection can be easily overlooked.

When a puppy is regularly groomed by a professional dog groomer, or by their owner, the hair around the eyes is trimmed away to avoid irritation and to make sure a dog’s eyesight is not impeded.  For a puppy over 7 weeks of age, noticeable excess ‘hair loss’ around the eyes could be a symptom of a dust mite infection, however it is treatable and a vet will need to determine if your dog’s hair loss is a problem.

A vet will examine your puppy and scrape away skin tissue for examination, once that is done he will recommend a healthcare plan. Unfortunately your puppy will be uncomfortable following this as he will not be able to stop himself from scratching, the itching will be constant.

There are products available on the market, such as a shampoo that helps with hair loss (Alopecia), but your puppy will need you to counteract his condition with a quality pet diet. A puppy needs a diet full of high quality ingredients, especially one that is rich in carbohydrates, to avoid low blood sugar.

Not all is lost; your vet will give you the correct information about getting rid of your puppy’s itchy parasites and hair loss, plus advice on your pet’s future diet.