How to recognise your puppy is teething

When you bring your puppy home he should already have a full set of teeth. If you want to test this information out, place your finger in his mouth!

When he starts to grow his new adult teeth will try to come through.  The baby teeth will start to fall out just like our children’s teeth.

The age of your puppy at the time of teething could vary but it is normally around the age of twelve weeks.  The first adult teeth you will see is the two top front teeth followed by the others and the last are the ‘canine’ teeth. The ‘canine’ teeth are situated at the corners of your puppy’s jaw.

At this painful time, your puppy will chew everything in sight including furniture, slippers, and even hot water bottles. He is not being particularly naughty he just wants those darned teeth to come through so the pain will stop.

To help your puppy at this time you can give him dental chews and hard toys which are designed with teething in mind.

One of the main concerns a pet owner has is keeping their pet’s teeth in good health.

Start your puppy from an early age, in a routine where you clean his teeth with dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste.