How to remove chewing gum from your dog’s fur

dog getting chewing gum cut out of furThere is nothing worse than finding a lump of old chewing gum stuck to your dog’s fur, especially with the long hair dog breeds.

This lump of hardened sticky mess can be removed without having to resort to trimming or cutting it out however. Some of the most effective methods have been handed down over the years from one generation to another, and the answer lies in certain household ingredients.

Choosing to use one of the following household ingredients will remove the gum and help your dog’s coat to become clean again.

You will require ices cubes, butter or mayonnaise, peanut butter and scissors.

First, rub an ice cube over the area. What you are trying to do is to freeze the gum, then start to peel off bits of the cold gum. Use as many ice cubes as needed.

If the ice method is not working, try spreading peanut butter (or Mayonnaise) over a couple of your fingers and spread it over the gum.

Trim away the gum bit by bit, if both of these methods do not work or you have some bits of hair stubbornly remaining in your dog’s fur, gently remove the hair around that affected area.

If you have trimmed away the fur and your dog has a slight bald patch, no worries his coat will soon grow back. However the next step is to bathe your pet and give him a treat for being so patient.

Be careful when cutting the fur of your pet, use scissors with blunt ended blades to avoid any mishaps.