How to remove matter and odours from your dog

29289If you have started to groom your dog and you find a patch of tar, paint or other foreign matter in their fur you can get rid of it easily, just as easily as your dog has managed to pick it up.

Most substances are removed by using your dog’s scissors and trimming off the excess hair. This action will only take a couple of seconds and will not cause your dog any stress.

If there is a larger area of your dog’s fur which has become matted, try one of the following aids which can help in removing the substance in question:

Wet tar or paint: This liquid is easily removed when dry. Just cut out the offending hairs.

Oil and grease: Buy some mechanic’s hand cleaner or shampoo the area of your dog’s fur with a plain soap. However it is important remove the soap by rinsing well afterwards.

Gum: Gum which is attached to your dog’s fur can be helped with an ice cube. The ice cube will harden the gum so you can cut away the strands of hair.

Anal sac odour: The ingredient isopropyl alcohol will take away the odour of the anal glands. A shampoo and rinse is the best procedure to reduce any secretions and odour. Some baby wipes are another effective remedy.

If the anal condition persists, your local veterinary surgeon will be able to assist you further.