How to select the correct dog breed for you and your family

There are over 124 pure bred breeds of dogs, all of them categorised into different groups by the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

Dogs are either pure bred or a mixed breed. Whatever the choice of dog you feel is just right for your home, he will have a fabulous personality and want to please you in the hope that he has found an equally warm and affectionate owner.

When you are deciding on a new puppy or an adult dog to join your family, primary considerations should include the dog’s temperament, do you want a long haired dog or one with a short coat, and the ideal size of the dog.

Not all breed of dogs will have the correct trait for a family home; larger dogs may have been bred to guard and protect, and they may not be particularly good with a young family that doesn’t have enough time to give them plenty of exercise

Dogs that have come from a shelter will need more patience to overcome their feeling of being rejected by a previous owner; the rewards would outweigh the time taken to build up the owner and animal trust.

If you decide to bring home a mixed breed of dog, they can be far more intelligent than pedigree dogs, favouring a mixture of personality and character, while making a loving companion.

Whether large dogs or small dogs, they all bark when strangers call, protecting you and your family. Good dog training techniques should always be considered; teaching your pet to ‘sit’ or enter his dog basket shows him you are the leader of a pack.

Taking time to establish the fact that you are his leader with a few essential training commands takes time and patience. Making it fun with small treats and praise shows your pet that he has pleased you.


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