How to solve a few puppy problems

happy puppyIt is worth remembering that when purchasing a new puppy that he or she is not house trained. A puppy will not know how or what you expect of him, plus he will have just been taken away from his mother, brothers and sisters. I think you get the idea.

During the next few weeks you, as a responsible dog owner, will have to learn not to teach your pet bad habits; this requires immense patience, even on the days when you are particularly tired or in a bad mood.

A puppy will have to recognise your tone of voice, what you want from him and learn to trust that you have those pockets of patience to hand; to him each day is exciting and should be more enjoyable than the day before.

A puppy will wake up each day in his new home, hoping to be fed, watered and cuddled. Strict guidelines are essential for a new puppy but playtime and praise is also high on the list of a puppy’s requirements.

Good quality food for a puppy should be fed to him in small portions, ideally four or five times a day, to avoid his stomach from over bloating.

Fresh water in a small dog bowl has to be available during the day and night.

A puppy will soon start to play bite, his teeth will be causing him problems and human fingers are a great way to bring a bit of relief.

However, to stop this puppy play from becoming a bad habit, puppy toys are the answer. When a puppy tries to bite you, grab a soft toy and move it about or wriggle it to attract his attention.

Play gently and use a firm tone when your pet becomes over excited, do not scold him as he will not know what he has done to upset you.

Doggie tip: a puppy that has a range of soft and hard toys, and is taught to interact and play, is a happy puppy.