How to spot if your dog has fleas

dog with fleasFleas are attracted to dogs, they thrive in warm weather and feed on the blood of their hosts, they have three legs and are nimble enough to jump long distances, making it harder for humans to catch them. You should be scared of them!

Heavy infestations of fleas in dogs can be found around the head, at the back of dog’s ears and under the abdomen.

The first signs that your dog has fleas include seeing flea droppings in your dog’s coat; this is usually more noticeable when you are brushing your dog. A dog with fleas will also suddenly start scratching fervently at his body, or begin biting himself.

In addition to these signs, you may also notice a loss of hair and a show of spots. When your dog goes to the toilet you may spot tape worms showing in his faeces.

If you are worried that your dog may have fleas, contact your local vet, and it is important that you use the correct flea products to get rid of fleas.

A young puppy is more susceptible to an infestation of fleas than an adult dog, and it can be life threatening at times. If your puppy appears to be listless and his body feels cold, taking him to a vet for a check up is important. A vet will soon recognise his symptoms and, if he is in good health, it will alleviate any worries that you may have.

How to get rid of fleas:

  • Use a quality flea treatment once a month on your dog’s skin, one approved by a vet
  • Comb and brush your dog’s coat regularly and check for flea droppings with a flea comb
  • Thoroughly clean your home; this will include the floors coverings and furniture
  • Wash or replace dog bed and dog bedding, whatever your choice of action you will need to keep all dog bedding clean