How to start grooming your dog

Dog grooming can be an expensive business if you pay a professional to look after your dog’s grooming needs. Depending on the breed of your dog, this aspect of your dog’s care needs to be kept on top of in order to keep your dog in the best health possible and so it is recommended that you learn to groom your dog yourself in between appointments with a professional dog groomer in order to keep up the maintenance of your pet and keep costs down as much as possible.

Learning to groom your dog yourself can be a good bonding experience for you and your pet. Handling your pet on a regular basis builds up the trust and gets your dog used to being repeatedly handled by humans. Of course, you will benefit too from building a closer bond with your pet and grooming can be therapeutic and relaxing.


To start grooming your dog, make your first few sessions short as your pet grows used to it. You may wish to groom his coat one day and then attempt to groom the dog’s nails the following day in order to help the dog become more accustomed to it. Of course, you must ensure that you praise your pet throughout the grooming sessions.

Ultimately, maintaining regular dog grooming sessions will help you get to know your dog and so that if there are any changes in appearance of your dog or health concerns such as fleas, you will spot these as soon as possible.