How to stop a dog barking with the help of a dog crate

dog-crate-tableBarking is in a dog’s nature; a dog that has decided he likes hearing his own voice can be annoying to its owners and neighbours. However, this type of behaviour can be overcome with a little bit of patience and the use of a dog crate.

Some breeds of dogs, especially smaller breeds, can feel insecure and barking is a way of letting you know that he requires attention. Humans tend to shout when they are upset, it is the same with dogs, and a response to barking can also teach your dog that it is good to bark.

The postman, and the resultant dog barking, is an ideal opportunity to let your dog know when he can, and cannot, bark.

When the postman pushes your mail through the letter box, in a firm tone stand in front of your dog and say ‘enough’ or ‘thank you’. Tell him to sit and, after a few occasions, he will get the hang of it; you are in charge.

The next job is to train the rest of your family to keep to the same routine.

Often, a dog will get to the front door first. This problem can be solved by the use of a dog crate. Visitors may not like a dog that is jumping up and down or barking. By placing your pet in a dog crate, this delays the welcome he is allowed to give to your visitor until you decide the time is right.

A treat, and praise, should be given for good behaviour, remembering a treat should be included in a dog’s daily food allowance.

Frequent use of a dog crate establishes a bolt hole or den for your pet and helps to train or re train unsociable behaviour.