How to stop a dog becoming jealous of a newborn baby

Stopping a dog becoming jealous of a babyWhen you and your partner have always made a fuss of your dog and have treated him like a child, he is bound to be curious about this new creature that not only cries all the time but is now the centre of attention – while he is constantly told to stay in his basket. It can upset a dog enough to trigger unwanted behaviour.

Adapting to a new routine for parents of a baby can be a daunting experience, however taking time to work out a routine that will include the dog before the baby’s arrival will show your dog that he is still cared for, and that the baby is another small human who has joined his family.

If you are feeling anxious before the baby is born, contact an animal behaviourist for some ideas and let the other members of the family know that they too must make a fuss of the dog, just as they have in the past.

A dog that is made a fuss of will benefit when his owners leave the house. This will retrain his thought process and he will soon recognise that you always come back.

It can be tiring with a new born baby and dog walking with a baby and a pram can be tricky. However your dog still needs his daily walk. Come the weekend, all the family can set off to a park together… dog included.

It’s also important to introduce your new baby to your dog and let him take notice of their unique body smell.