How to stop a puppy biting and chewing

When a new puppy is born he soon learns that he has gums. It is common practice for a puppy to stop suckling his mother once he finds that his teeth are making an appearance. Most of the time a puppy’s biting and chewing is related to teething; however this does not constitute a reason for it to continue.

While your dog is at a young age it is acceptable for you to give him boundaries on behaviour, what he can play with and of course what type of biting is acceptable. This routine has to be put in place on the first day he enters his new home, after a few cuddles of course.

Training a puppy is a bonding time for both parties and all family members must stick to the same doggy guidelines for it to be successful or your puppy will become bewildered. A new puppy is adorable but once he thinks he can growl or bite at any time, it becomes a habit which is hard to break when he reaches maturity.

Further down the road your dog may nip someone and wonder why you are suddenly annoyed with him. However, training your puppy is easier with a lot of patience and rewards for good behaviour.

Doggie tips:

  • It is essential with any pet training that you remain patient
  • Do not smack your puppy as he will lose his confidence, leaving both of you unhappy