How to stop a puppy biting you

Stop a puppy bitingA puppy learns to bite from the minute he is born; playing with his litter brothers and sisters. It is way of sticking up for himself and having fun at the same time.

Rolling about on the floor and simulating a fight with his fellow puppies reduces excess energy, however, as a puppy grows up they will not realise that the bites are starting to cause pain, a brotherly or sisterly yelp from a sibling will come as a surprise.

A puppy will have to be taught to play gently. A dog owner must yelp when they are nipped and, after a while, the sound will teach a puppy that it is not acceptable to bite.

Play and one to one interaction is important as a bonding exercise between a puppy and owner however, patience is required. A firm tone of voice is acceptable, but no smacking should be allowed or your puppy will lose his confidence.

If a puppy bites too hard, yelp in a loud hurt voice. Stop playing and return a few minutes later, the result is your puppy will soon learn that if he bites you will stop play, and puppies love to play.

When a puppy reduces the pressure of his biting, reduce your yelp. He will take notice of the difference of your tone, remember to walk away as well. A puppy will start mouthing gently when playing with you.

Now your puppy is taking notice of you, start training your puppy to learn the commands of ‘no’ and ‘off’. Your puppy will also be interested in learning ‘how’ and ‘when’ can he retrieve treats for good behaviour.