How to stop a puppy from chewing

A puppy who is teething is on the lookout for anything he can chew to help bring his milk teeth through. Sometimes a puppy that is left to chew socks, old slippers and anything they find interesting could end up forming a destructive habit that dog owners will find a hard task to break.

Both puppies and dogs naturally use their mouths to explore and, if bored, will look for something to chew. A puppy that has just been plucked from the safety and comfort of his mum, brothers and sisters can become anxious and start chewing.

It is important at this time to try to stop him from being anxious through play, exercise and plenty of praise. Let your puppy feel secure and that you are going to take care of him. A mix of strong dog toys while he is teething will help to bring some relief to his painful gums and stop him from starting a destructive chewing habit.

Redirect a puppy to his toys when you see him head for your shoes, or give him some frozen treats to sooth his gums.

Do not get annoyed and tell your puppy off if he has chewed an item while you were out, as you will make him feel guilty. Guilty feelings in a puppy can lead to small puddles. You have to catch him in the act, say ‘no’ and give him his toy instead. When he gnaws at his toy, praise him so he feels he has pleased you.