How to stop a puppy from whining

It is generally accepted when you bring home a new puppy that he will whine for a little while when you go to bed or if you go out and leave him alone. A puppy who whines at you is letting you know that he is unhappy, he wants his mother, his brothers and sisters to come and rescue him from this new strange environment. He needs reassuring.

However, being clever, your puppy will soon cotton on that whining is a way of getting your attention, getting more food, extra treats and the affection he craves for if you give in to him. A whining puppy who was just upset can easily turn his whining into an annoying habit to get his own way.

Time for action or he will soon be an adult dog that whines whenever he wants something!

Start as you mean to go on, not easy with those gorgeous appealing eyes, but necessary. Start to teach your puppy that you will leave him for a short while but you will always come back. Go out the front door; come back a few minutes later via the back door, giving him praise.

The room where he is left in while you are at work needs to be recognised as his den or fun room. Take time to play with him in his room, not the room where you spend most of your time. When you have played with him, repeat the process of leaving him again, this time in reverse, out of the back door and in via the front door, he will start to recognise you are going to return.

Leave him for a little longer each time; spreading the routine will give him a feeling of confidence. When together in your home and he whines, do not rush to comfort him, if you do he knows that he is in charge. A short verbal command of ‘NO’ in a loud voice will quieten him; ignore him for a couple of minutes before giving him praise (no cuddles).

This routine will establish you as the pack leader with your puppy and help in forming an everlasting bond between both of you.