How to stop lungworm affecting your dog

Some of the dog health treatments that are available on the marketplace do not cover lungworm. This is due to the fact it was an uncommon occurrence for a dog to have any signs of lungworm until fairly recently.

If a dog has lungworm it can remain undiagnosed until it is too late and, in some cases, it can prove fatal. The main cause of lungworm spreading through your dog’s body is due to the dog having eaten a slug, or having come into contact with a slug or snail’s slime trail.

When a dog drinks from a puddle of water at the side of a road, or from a garden pond, the water could have had a visit from slugs overnight; especially when there have been bouts of heavy rain during the night.

Dog toys that have been left out all night should be washed thoroughly as they will have noticeable slime trails over them if slugs or snails have been on them. Raw dog bones that have been left outside should be thrown away; slugs in particular adore dog bones.

It is imperative that you watch where your dog takes his treats; a dog can be sneaky and hide his dog bone in unusual places, covering them up with long grass until he is ready to retrieve them later.

If possible, make sure your dog eats his treats indoors. A dog treat left overnight in long grass can easily become covered in slug slime, therefore endangering your pet’s life.

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