How to stop your dog from running away

The worry most owners of dogs have when they take them for a walk or let them off their dog lead is that they may run away and head for a busy road, with disastrous results.

However an owner of a dog has to, or should, realise that it is in a dog’s nature to run, roaming and heading off across large areas of land is just heaven to a dog. It is imperative, therefore, that you are in charge when you decide to let your dog off the dog lead without the worry, stress and tension that will transmit itself from you to your dog.

Top tips:

dog on a leadA male dog will be on the lookout for females while on his walk, if you allow him off his dog lead near a female he will head off to towards the bitch, the best top tip to avoid a difficult situation is to have your dog neutered.

While some dogs are naturally happy resting in their home environment, others are not, try to take your pet for a walk at least once a day if not more, boredom can cause a dog to become footloose and free at every opportunity.

When a dog has had a walk, good food and fresh water waiting to greet him will be a welcome sight. A full stomach and tired muscles means your dog is a happy dog, the next move for a happy dog is snuggling up in a dog basket for an hour or so.

If you feel your yard or garden area is not dog friendly and you are keeping your dog indoors to stop him from escaping, why not build a fence or make an established fence a little higher?