How to stop your puppy begging for food

puppy begging for foodThere is nothing worse then trying to eat a meal when your puppy is looking at you and your food longingly.

Once you have given in to temptation and offered your puppy some food from your plate you have set in motion in your puppy’s mind that your food is their food at every mealtime.

It is hard to ignore your puppy and you have to look at it a different way; your puppy would not like it if you shared their food!

If you let sharing your meal become a habit, your puppy could become a fussy eater and habits are hard to break.

If you want to give your puppy some of your food which is suitable for them, you can place it in his dog bowl. However all food should be part of a pet diet or there is a danger of obesity.

Puppies are natural scavengers so listed below are a few pieces of advice for you to consider in deterring your puppy from begging:

  • Remove your puppy from the room at mealtimes
  • Use a baby gate to separate your puppy from the kitchen
  • Give your puppy their favourite toy while you are eating
  • Make sure all the family and guests are aware of the rules at mealtimes