How to stop your puppy crying at night

When you bring home a new puppy or a new dog you may find that he or she cries at night. It is not surprising that a dog would feel upset with the change of environment.

A new puppy has had to leave his brothers, sisters and of course his birth mum. Whatever you think you can do to help is not going to ease his pain in one night.

Your puppy will feel vulnerable in the night when it is dark and everything has gone quiet. You need to act decisively to let your pet know he is safe and that he does not need to whine.

1.    Check if he needs the toilet.

2.    Do not scold if he does not go through the door. A stern look will usually suffice at this stage.

3.    Switch off the light and go to bed.

Unfortunately this may have to be repeated a few times until he realises he is not alone.

This may be time consuming and frustrating for you the owner but it will show your dog he is not alone, you are there and the darkness is not too bad.  Whatever you do, do not give in and let him sleep in your room, or this will make the habit worse.

Use your facial expressions to tell your puppy or dog that you are not pleased. However not raising your voice or smacking your dog will help to raise the trust they have in you.

This will become a useful tool later in training your pet to react to your commands.