How to stop your scavenging puppy from raiding the bin

The one thing a puppy possesses is a natural talent for finding food, as a puppy dog is a natural scavenger. Most of the time puppies love eating and they will eat just about anything, so if you leave your rubbish bin in the kitchen he will find a way of getting to the scraps of food inside it.

Unfortunately the bin can contain many dangerous items for your puppy, such as packaging or empty cans that can have sharp edges.

Your puppy will not know right from wrong, especially if the items only the smell of food, as your puppy will have the impulse to eat everything.

If you let your puppy find items in the bin you will find when he grows up you will not be able to trust him, or stop him from emptying the bin at every opportunity.


When your puppy is good do not forget to praise him and give him his toy and he will associate his toys with praise and good behaviour.

When your puppy was with his mum she will have started licking her puppies and teaching them right from the start that she is in ‘charge’.

She is the leader the ‘Alpha dog.

Remember one word commands and a tone of voice will not confuse your puppy as he does not recognise sentences.